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        Ruich Machinery Co., Ltd.
        About us
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        Sales Tel:0538-8932999
        Fax: 0538-8932299
        P.C: 271000
        Address: Yitianmen Street, High-Tech Industrial Development zone, Taian City, Shandong Province, China
               Corporate culture
                Mutual sense of worth create prosperous future
            The key fundamental for success is our mutual sense of worth, Integrity, teamwork, excellence, responsibilities are the guide lines for our actions.

        ● Corporate sprite: teamwork, efficiency, integrity, and innovation.

        ● Our sense of worth:

            Integrity---Honest and commitment.

            Teamwork---United and harmonious, communication and understanding.

            Excellence---improving quality, Pursuing achievement.

             Responsibility--- work with all heart.

        ● Strategic expectation:
        We are professional hydraulic cylinder supplier, our core business is  making and selling hydraulic cylinders for the time now and in the future.

          To make high quality and cost competitive hydraulic cylinders, and provide customers the best solution in time and best service to meet the customers requirements.

          Our mission is to build talent people, research on the know_how, improve the quality and develop the global market, our target is to be market leader and to be a preferred supplier worldwide, we will do our best to achieve our target.
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        Address:Yitianmen Street, High-Tech Industrial Development zone, Taian City, Shandong Province, China